Let us take the stress out of any situation. 

We are a locally owned small business that specializes in biohazard clean up in Palm Beach County, FL providing professional and discreet services to clean and sanitize contaminated areas. We specialize in traumatic loss, crime scene, fentanyl, and hoarding cleanup. Our team is committed to providing quality services with compassion.

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We have established multiple professional relationships with Behavioral Healthcare leaders. We do more than clean; we support and connect grieving loved ones with the necessary resources for healing. 



noun ; comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

verb ; give comfort or consolation to.

Solace Core Values

Because traumatic loss deserves specialized care.


Pride and Confidentiality

Every staff member takes pride in our services, no matter the department they serve.  This is because we value our customers and understand that every step through this process is important.  It is imperative that we honor each person’s confidentiality so that families may process their loss with reassurance and security. 


Precision and Care

The work we perform will always be handled with precision and care.  We believe that we are not cleaning a scene, but rather a place where someone’s loved one passed.  The scene will always be handled with respect and dignity. 


Integrity and Honesty

We believe that our values at work should mirror in our daily lives; integrity and honesty are how we approach all areas. We promise that our customers will be met with authenticity, whether they choose our services or not. 

Our Services

hazardous waste material

hazardous waste material

This service ensures the proper disposal of hazardous waste materials and objects, such as biohazardous materials, in accordance with applicable regulations.

infectious disease decontamination

infectious disease decontamination

This service is designed to eliminate potential sources of infectious diseases, such as bacteria and viruses, from a contaminated area.

sanitization and disinfection

sanitization and disinfection

We guarantee that our patent-protected products will eliminate all bacteria and odor.  This service is designed to eliminate hazardous materials and germs from a contaminated area, as well as provide a safe and sanitary environment.

biohazard clean

biohazard clean

This service is to completely clean, sanitize, and deodorize the site where a violent crime, suicide, or traumatic accident has occurred.

crime scene forensic restoration

crime scene forensic restoration

Forensic restoration plays a vital role in cleaning up the aftermath of violent crimes, accidents, and other incidents.

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